My Story

I started Gorgeous Natural Skincare with the premise of guiding Women to have radiant, healthy skin.

Gorgeous Natural Skincare   I’ve crafted my own skincare line for years from my own recipes and my family’s recipes past down from generations. My Great Grandmother had a  second grade education from a small town called Ocilla, Georgia in the early 1900’s. With my grandmother at her side she crafted soaps and medicinals from herbs to heal ailments. When word started to spread throughout Ocilla, and the surrounding counties people started to seek out my Great Grandmother remedies over their ailments. 
Even though she didn’t have a formal education per se. What she did have was intuition, grit and determination to succeed. Teaching herself to read books over what herbs  heals the skin,  she was a success in her own right.  When I stepped out in faith to start my own skincare line. My Grandmother began to tell me stories of her Mother my Great Grandmother crafting recipes for the townspeople.  Many people couldn’t afford to see a Doctor so they sought after my Great Grandmother a great woman of faith. Currently my Grandmother is in her 90s and speaks of her Mother like she was alive yesterday remembering ingredients that her own Mother once used to my benefit for Gorgeous Natural Skincare.


My motto for radiant skin goes with saying,  “Every Woman has the right to have Naturally Gorgeous Skin.”                                              

                        Until next time...Stay  Gorgeous