Gorgeous Natural Skincare was born from a desire to empower women with luminous, healthy skin.

How It All Started

For years, I've been creating my own skincare products, drawing inspiration from both my personal concoctions and cherished family recipes handed down through generations.

My great-grandmother, a resilient woman from the quaint town of Ocilla, Georgia, had only a second-grade education from the early 1900s. Yet, with my grandmother by her side, she masterfully crafted soaps and herbal remedies to address various health issues.

As her reputation grew, residents from Ocilla and neighboring regions began to prefer her homemade solutions over conventional treatments.

Despite her limited formal schooling, my great-grandmother was rich in intuition, perseverance, and an unwavering drive to thrive. She self-educated, poring over books to understand the healing properties of herbs, and in doing so, became a beacon of hope and expertise in her community.

When I ventured to establish my skincare brand, my grandmother, now in her 90s, regaled me with tales of her mother's legendary formulations. Many in their time couldn't afford medical consultations, so they turned to my great-grandmother, a woman of profound faith and wisdom.

Today, my grandmother's vivid recollections of the ingredients her mother used have become invaluable to the essence of Gorgeous Natural Skincare.


My Motto

 “Every Woman has the right to have Naturally Gorgeous Skin.”      

Stay  Gorgeous