Tips to maintain a good immune system for healthy gorgeous skin during self isolation!

Nutrition is just as important to your skin as a good skincare regimen. The skin is the largest organ on the body so taking care of your skin during self-isolation is even more important. 

Here are some ideas:

- Cleansing your skin is so important right now. Washing your hands with a natural sanitizer to cultivate good skin bacteria.  A natural sanitizer is a natural disinfectant wipes.  Hydrogen Peroxide is a natural disinfectant to keep on hand. 

- Eat a well-balanced diet full of green leafy vegetables, berries citrus whole grains, eggs, nuts, and lean meats.🍎🍋🍊🥬🥦🍓

- Ward off consuming a lot of SUGAR products during this time. I know sugar is soo comforting but it suppresses the immune system, weight gain, and inflammation. This list can go on and on.

- Vitamin D is so essential. Get outside and enjoy the sun. Take a vitamin D supplement as well. 

-Drink plenty of Water! I can’t say this enough. To function properly we need Water! 💦

That’s it for now, Stay Healthy and Safe!


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